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Will Dan return to Lucifer Season 6?

Lucifer Season 5 took a shocking turn of events on the penultimate episode. Is this is for Dan or will he return on Lucifer Season 6?

If there’s one character most Lucifer fans have a love-hate relationship with, it’s Dan Espinoza. He has made some questionable choices over the years, but he’s human. He’s made mistakes, and in many cases, he’s owned up to those mistakes and faced the punishment.

However, it only feels like Lucifer Season 5 gave us the chance to really get to know him. And just as that happened, he was taken away from us. Dan was killed off during Lucifer Season 5, Episode 15, and it was devastating. To make matters worse, he’s gone to Hell just like he feared he would. It’s not God who decides where a soul goes, but a person’s guilt when they die.

So, Dan is trapped in a Hell loop. Lucifer hasn’t gone down to Hell to see him yet. Neither has Maze. They don’t believe there’s a way out of Hell.

Well, they didn’t. Is there a chance that we’ll see Dan get out of Hell on Lucifer Season 6?

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Will Dan return for at least one episode of Lucifer Season 6?

There’s no way we can leave Dan in Hell for the rest of eternity. We need to see him get out of Hell, and the Lucifer Season 5 finale has made it clear that it is possible.

A person needs to face their guilt. They need to let go of that guilt. While most people do that while alive, such as Chloe, others can do it once they’ve died.

It is possible for Dan to return for at least once episode. Maze or Lucifer could head to Hell and find Dan in his loop. They’ll then be able to tell him what he can do to get out of this. It’ll then be up to Dan to do the work.

Would either of them be willing to do that? Considering how much they grieved the loss of Dan, especially Maze, that’s certainly likely. While they had a difficult relationship with him, Dan taught both of them a lot about what it meant to be human. He showed them the reliance and the willingness to admit mistakes. They (and Amenadiel) will want to make sure Dan makes it to the right afterlife.

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Would you like to see Dan return on Lucifer Season 6? What do you think will happen to his soul? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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