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Which shows are being removed from STARZ?

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STARZ has announced that some shows are being removed from the streamer. Which shows are included in the news?

HBO Max started with removing original content from its streaming platform. Now STARZ is following suit. Not everything is coming off the streamer, but there are some underperforming shows leaving.

Of course, fans of some STARZ shows are going to be worried. Outlander and Power fans will be the first ones to pay attention to the update. Does that mean their favorite shows are leaving? Do you think the streamer is going to remove its top-performing shows?

No, this is about the underperformers. They’re also shows that have come to an end. Right now, it’s not clear where these shows are going, or even the full reason why they’re being removed.

Dangerous Liaisons and more are leaving STARZ

Dangerous Liaisons is one of the more notable removals. The series had originally been renewed for a second season and then recently the decision was reversed. It turns out this period drama hasn’t been performing all that well on the premium cable network.

Then there’s Becoming Elizabeth, which was canceled back in November 2022. In fact, it was the first cancellation out of the three shows leaving the streamer.

The third series is the only non-period drama on the list. Step Up is leaving STARZ. The series was canceled back in December, but YouTube Red picked up the show. Maybe the removal for this one isn’t that surprising.

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What do you think of the decisions to remove the shows? Which STARZ shows are you concerned about next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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