Entire Days of Our Lives cast released from contracts: What does this mean?

The entire cast of Days of Our Lives has been released from all contracts. What does this mean for the future of the NBC soap?

While we don’t usually cover soap news, this was too big not to share. The entire Days of Our Lives cast has been released from contracts. This is unprecedented and certainly doesn’t bode well for the future of the NBC soap. Or it could just be a great time to see a huge shakeup.

Days of Our Lives has been struggling in the ratings for some time. People just aren’t tuning in for the traditional soaps anymore. With the contract between NBC and Sony TV coming up, it’s not surprising that the network is looking at its options more closely.

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TVLine reports that while the show will go on an extended, and possibly permanent, hiatus at the end of this month, there is enough filmed to see the series through to summer 2020. That will give the network bosses and the showrunner plenty of time to assess options and decide on the future. The show wouldn’t need to start filming again until March 2020 to make sure the soap runs without a break.

It is certainly possible that the canceled contracts can mean reducing the costs the studio is paying the cast members. Canceling contracts will mean that the Days of Our Lives actors will look at other projects, so some may not even be available if it comes to filming again in March. Those who are still interested may find they have to take a pay cut. If they’re not willing to, then they are free to look at other projects.

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At the same time, it could mean the soap is able to reboot the entire soap with new characters and new actors. This could be a chance to breathe new life into it, hopefully helping with the ratings.

Either way, things aren’t boding well for the series right now. We may be saying goodbye to Days of Our Lives. Will other soaps follow?

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