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Will Deanna Campbell appear on The Winchesters?

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Mary Campbell has found her father on The Winchesters. Will we get to see her mother Deanna during the Supernatural prequel?

All eyes have been on Mary Campbell finding her father in The Winchesters. He went missing in the pilot, which is very much like the pilot episode of Supernatural. It didn’t tale too long to find out where he was, and we got to see Tom Welling play the role once played by Mitch Pileggi.

Now eyes are on Mary’s mother. She’s been mentioned during the show and we know she should still be alive at this point. The big question is where is she? Will we get to see her on the series?

Is Deanna Campbell in The Winchesters?

TVLine put the question to Robbie Thompson, who is the showrunner for the Supernatural prequel. He doesn’t rule out Deanna appearing, but don’t expect her to be in the series just yet.

What we know from Mary is that Deanna is somewhere on hunts. Mary isn’t worried about her mom at this point, and it looks like the family regularly splits up for hunts. We also know that Deanna and Samuel are having some marital problems, which also matches John and Mary Winchester in Supernatural.

Thompson shares that Deanna is likely to come into the story at some point. He is excited to bring her into the story, but it has to be “when the time is right.”

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What do you hope to see in The Winchesters? Do you want to see Deanna turn up? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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