December 2022 update

Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links in this post. They don’t affect you as readers but mean we get paid a little from the affiliate sources when you make a purchase through our links. All links are denoted with the asterisks.

Happy December, everyone! Can you believe it’s the last month of 2022?

We just wanted to bring a quick update to share some last-minute decisions. Due to surgery, travel, and the holiday season, we’ve decided to take a month off.

This is a hobby blog for now, although we’d love to turn it into something bigger and more profitable. Because of this, we need to focus on where our income comes from.

That being said, we’ll be right back into the swing of things in January (and maybe the end of December). We are going to be working behind the scenes throughout December for this blog. We’ll share more of what’s to come closer to the end of the month.

Just know that we’re not giving up on you here. We plan to make this a resource for all things TV and entertainment. 2023 will be our year.