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Deputy and Duncanville: FOX cancels one and renews the other

FOX had made decisions about two of its freshman shows. Deputy and Duncanville know their fates, but which is canceled and which is renewed?

As shows wrap up earlier than expected, networks need to make decisions about the future of various shows. FOX has decided the fate of two of its freshman shows. Deputy and Duncanville have set futures, but which has been canceled and which has been renewed?

It’s bad news for TV crime drama fans

Deputy fans received the news that the series had been canceled after just one season. Deadline reported the news at the weekend, sharing that the decision comes earlier than normal. Most networks will wait to see the new pilots before making a decision on struggling shows, but this year isn’t normal.

Pilots haven’t been able to film, so there isn’t anything to hold the show up against. However, FOX isn’t going to give the western cop drama a second chance after becoming its second-lowest rated drama of the season. The lowest-rated was Almost Family, which was canceled earlier this year.

Duncanville gets a second outing

Despite the soft linear ratings, Duncanville was the show to land a second season this week. There are a few reasons for that happening, including the fact that the show is performing well through delayed viewing.

The biggest benefit for Duncanville is that it’s an animated comedy. Despite not performing all that well on Sundays, it’s one of the only shows that can continue development right now. Animated shows can be developed from homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

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With that in mind, it’s not surprising FOX has decided to renew the series. After all, there’s more chance of new episodes come the fall unlike with the scripted live-action dramas and comedies that can’t film.

What do you think about the cancellation and renewal decisions? What did you think of Deputy and Duncanville? Share your thoughts in the comments below.