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What happened to Derek in Teen Wolf: The Movie?

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Teen Wolf: The Movie dropped on Paramount+ during the week, and it’s time to find out how the story ends. What happened to Derek?

Caution: There are major spoilers from Teen Wolf: The Movie in this post.

When it comes to a movie revival of a TV series, you know that big things have to go down. Teen Wolf: The Movie promised that with the questions of how Allison was back. We also had some major villains that would bring the wolf pack back together.

Of course, that would mean sacrifices and shocking deaths. One was extremely heartbreaking, especially with the way it went down.

Derek dies in Teen Wolf: The Movie

We had to say goodbye to a fan-favorite character. Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek made the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone else.

He kept the Nogitsune occupied while Parrish was able to blow the creatures away with hellfire. He knew it would mean certain death, but he was willing to do it for everyone else. That is Derek, right?

It turns out that this decision wasn’t just for fun. While Jeff Davis knew that they would need to do something big, he wanted to make sure Tyler was on board for the big death. Tyler was, and the two discussed it together. According to TVLine, Jeff thinks we should blame Tyler just as much as him for this moment.

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What did you think of the Teen Wolf movie ending? What did you think of the revival overall? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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