Desperados looks to take us on a wild and hilarious summer ride

Sometimes you don’t have time to watch a full TV show. Netflix has you covered with original movies, and that’s where Desperados comes in.

Sometimes, you want a fun movie that doesn’t make you think too much. Desperados promises that based on the promo.

It looks like a fun and wild ride, perfect to get you in the summer feeling. And it certainly looks like it will have you laughing every step of the way. Do go in expecting serious. The trailer makes it clear this is a rom-com pure and simple.

Just a woman searching for love

Nasim Pedrad stars as a woman who has been unlucky in the dating game. It sounds like she thinks the clock is running out, so she needs to head out on the dating scene. That leads to her bumping into a guy who looks like the perfect male specimen. It is Robbie Amell, so we have to agree just based on that!

When he ghosts her for five days after their first time together, she immediately thinks the worst. And of course, that leads to her getting drunk and sending an email that makes it clear just how mad she is. Imagine getting a phone call minutes later to say that the guy is in hospital after suffering a car crash while in Mexico. He hasn’t got the email though because his phone is in his hotel room.

Time to delete the email

Instead of finding someone to hack into his email account and delete it, our female lead and her two best friends decide to head out on a trip to Mexico. The plan is to get his phone and delete the email. And yes, this is where even more hilarity happens.

When she runs into her ex, she pulls him into the plan to make sure true love can continue. But which room is her dream guy in and will she even be able to get into his emails? One step at a time, right?

Just check out the Desperados trailer below:

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What do you think of Desperados? What are you watching on Netflix in July? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Desperados is on Netflix on July 3, 2020.