Did Brettsy break up in the Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere?

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The Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere brought us some answers to burning questions. What about Brettsy? Are Brett and Casey still together?

It certainly looked like things had ended for Brettsy during the Chicago Fire Season 10 finale. Brett commented that she couldn’t see how things could work. Casey had his life in Portland, and she had her life in Chicago. Was there any hope for the two of them?

Casey wanted to see how things would go. However, it was easy to see the end was in sight. That was especially the case when Brett shared that she and Casey hadn’t spoken since the wedding during the Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere.

Brettsy breaks up in the Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere

There was bad news in the premiere episode. Brett was initially thinking about finding a way to make things work, but then her former fiance, Kyle, came into town. He wanted to see Brett, and he shared that he was engaged again.

It turned out that it was just a matter of timing. His new fiance was a former friend at high school. The two had lost touched, and they reconnected recently.

Hearing this made Brett realize that things weren’t working for her and Casey. As much as they love each other, the timing isn’t right. She called Casey and broke up with him over the phone. It is heartbreaking for Brettsy shippers, especially considering how long it took for the two of them to get together, but it does seem like the right thing for Brett.

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