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Did Jay Halstead die in Chicago PD Season 10, Episode 3?

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We knew Jay Halstead was coming out of Chicago PD. The last episode was on Wednesday. Did the show kill Halstead off?

We have officially said goodbye to Jay Halstead. After learning Jesse Lee Soffer was coming out of Chicago PD during the 10th season, we had questions about how it would happen. Up to this point, we couldn’t see any option but to kill him off. He was happy with the job and with Upton.

So, what happened during Season 10, Episode 3? Did the writers kill him off? Did Halstead’s exit make any sense?

What happened to Jay Halstead in Chicago PD Season 10, Episode 3?

During the episode, Halstead connected with some veterans who were robbing pharmacies. He could understand why they were doing this, but he needed to be a cop in the moment. This all led to Halstead’s life being on the line.

He would either have to stab one of the veterans or he would die. In the end, he chose to save himself, but it left a mark on him.

Voight and Upton got to him first, and they immediately worked on a story to tell. Halstead didn’t want to tell that story, though. He decided to resign and later told Upton that he had something he needed to do. He was going to rejoin the Army and help with a mission chancing drug cartels in Bolivia.

There was even a mention of Voight saying that he would help transfer Jay anywhere else to keep him in Chicago. Jay mentioned that he wanted to be like Voight, which doesn’t make sense. Jay has never wanted to be like Voight, and it’s hard to believe that he’s been fighting that for so long. It feels like 10 years of character development has been for nothing.

The only good thing about this exit is that Halstead could come back in the future. He’s not dead!

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What did you tink of Halstead’s exit? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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