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What’s the difference between FBI, FBI: International, and FBI: Most Wanted?

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There are three FBI shows on Tuesday nights on CBS. What is the difference between each of them? Should you watch them all?

Tuesday nights certainly do not let us down. Dick Wolf takes over the night on CBS with the three FBI shows. The night kicks off with the New York team, and then we get episodes of International and Most Wanted straight after it.

Of course, the schedule could always change. This is just the 2022–2023 schedule. We’ll see what’s in store for fall 2023 very soon.

That’s not the concern, though. Fans of one show want to know what the other two are about. Those new to the franchise want to figure out what the difference between each of them is, except for the main cast, of course. Is it worth watching all three of them?

The difference between the three FBI shows

Location is the main difference, as well as the types of cases that the teams will solve. The flagship series* is set in New York. Maggie, OA, and other members of the field office will only take on cases that happen in the state. Some of them may have come from outside the state, while others may leave it, but they are involved in anything that touches their jurisdiction.

Most Wanted* was the first spin-off, and it had a backdoor pilot during the first season of the flagship series. This show is about the Fugitive Task Force, which goes after criminals across the United States. These criminals are on the Most Wanted list, as the title of the show would suggest. The team will cover the whole country, but only the country.

International* is what it sounds like. It’s a team that is internationally based. The Fly Team’s HQ is in Budapest, but they will travel across Europe to deal with various cases. All cases involve an American, whether the American is the suspect or a victim. The team works with Europol to work carefully with the local police force as not everyone likes to hand cases over to the FBI.

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Which is your favorite of the three shows? Do you watch them all in order? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The FBI shows air Tuesdays on CBS in the U.S. and on Global TV in Canada.