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Is Season 3 of Dollface happening? (Has the show been canceled?)

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Hulu has finally made a decision on its female-led dramedy Dollface. Is the series canceled or renewed for Season 3?

The second season of Dollface ($) dropped on Hulu back in February 2022. It was certainly one of those shows we eagerly wanted to come back but took a while due to the pandemic. Sadly, the second season didn’t hit the mark in terms of quality, and it looks like Hulu has agreed.

TVLine reports that the streamer has decided not to renew Dollface for Season 3. We were starting to think that with it taking almost three months to make a decision.

Is Dollface canceled?

Hulu hasn’t shared why the series has been canceled. This is common. We don’t get to understand the ins and outs of decisions, but it usually comes down to one thing: viewership.

For streaming platforms, we don’t get to know much about the ratings. It’s only if the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video tell us that we hear about them. In this case, Hulu hasn’t revealed the details, but it looks like there just wasn’t the interest that the first season had.

The second season was set in a post-pandemic world and included some of the pandemic elements as the women tried to navigate friendships and love during a pandemic world. The women also had to navigate turning 30 and now quite accomplishing their dreams.

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What did you think of Dollface Season 2? Are you disappointed there won’t be a third season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Dollface ($) is available to stream on Hulu.