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How could Dougal and Geillis return in Outlander Season 7?

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The Outlander Season 7 casting news brought a couple of surprising returns. How will Dougal MacKenzie and Geillis Duncan come back into the story?

Caution: This post contains spoilers from the eighth book in the Outlander series, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood.

When Outlander announced casting for the seventh season, there were some familiar faces. Some of those have raised a lot of questions. We’re looking at Dougal and Geillis right now. How is it possible for Graham McTavish and Lotte Verbeek to return to the series?

Dougal MacKenzie died at the end of the second season. After initially being assumed dead, Geillis Duncan turned up in Season 3, only to end up dead by the end of the season. How can two dead characters come back?

How will Geillis and Dougal return in Outlander Season 7?

The two characters return thanks to time travel. Someone is going to the past. It’s all about Roger MacKenzie, who goes through the stones at the end of the seventh book in search for Jemmy. He believes his son is on a trip through the stones.

It turns out that Jemmy isn’t, but that doesn’t stop Roger from traveling. While on his travels, he runs into a few familiar faces.

At one point, he runs into Dougal MacKenzie, who is traveling MacKenzie land collecting rent. Dougal is intrigued by Roger surviving the hanging, and Roger ends up telling the story—basically, anyway. This is in 1737, so it’s not like he can explain everything at the Battle of Alamance.

Roger then finds out that Geillis is in Cranesmuir. He heads there, where he meets her and learns a little more.

Roger also runs in with his grandfather-in-law. If you’re wondering how Brian Fraser is back, that’s how. We can thank Roger’s trip through the stones.

All of this takes place in the eighth book. That suggests we’ll see some of Written In My Own Heart’s Blood take place in Outlander Season 7.

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