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Is Dynasty cancelled or renewed for Season 6?

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The CW made some major decisions at the end of last week. The fate of Dynasty is known. Is Dynasty cancelled or renewed for the 2022–2023 season?

We are certainly disappointed in many of the decisions The CW made on Thursday, May 12. It turns out that the network isn’t to blame, though. Mark Pedowitz wanted to renew some of the shows, but the studios were done. So, we can blame the likes of CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Television Studios for the cancellations.

Was Dynasty among the shows cancelled? Here’s all we know about the future of the series.

Is Dynasty cancelled?

There is some bad news for Dynasty fans around the world. This was one of the shows cancelled by The CW last week. There are still five more episodes to air in the what’s now become the final season, so the cast isn’t saying goodbye just yet, according to TVLine.

Is there a chance the series will be saved? That’s something for Netflix to do. Due to the previous deal between The CW and Netflix, another streaming platform won’t be able to pick up the series to save it. Will Netflix do it?

This is unlikely, but that’s not going to be a Netflix decision to make. The studios are done with many of their shows. Netflix would then need a new studio to take over the creation of the series, and that’s going to cost too much.

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What do you think of Dynasty? Do you hope a network will save the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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