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Elite Season 4 ending explained: Who tried to kill Ari?

Like all previous seasons, there was a crime to solve on Elite Season 4. Someone tried to kill Ari, but who was it?

Elite Season 4’s promo didn’t tell us what the crime would be during the season. However, the premiere quickly got into the problem. Someone tried to kill Ari, one of the new girls at school. It looked like it could be Guzman, but was he directly involved or did he just know something?

Throughout the season, we saw Samuel arrested for attacking Ari. However, things didn’t quite add up, and it was soon clear that the message Ari had sent Samuel didn’t get to Samuel at all.

It would be the finale that would give us all the answers, just like all the previous seasons of Elite. We’d finally get to the bottom of everything that happened to Ari. And yes, someone did end up dead.

It wasn’t a student in Elite Season 4

The season made us think that it would either be Guzman or Samuel. Ari had formed a connection to both boys, and it was clear their friendship was threatened by that.

Would it turn out to be one of them? Not at all.

It ended up being connected to another storyline happening. We had to turn to Ari’s sister Mencia’s storyline.

Mencia ended up prostituting herself after being cut off financially by her father. She only had one client for a long time, but eventually moved onto another. That turned out to be extremely dangerous, leading to Rebeka finding out the truth. Eventually, Rebeka encouraged Mencia to tell Ari the full story, especially after her first client, Armando, turned into a stalker.

During the New Year’s Eve party, Armando turned up in search for Mencia. Ari saw him and confronted him, threatening to expose all. That led to them being down by the docks, where Armando attacked Ari with the intent to kill her.

Guzman saw the fight and made sure Ari was still alive. He then went after Armando, while Ari got up from the attack. However, Ari collapsed and fell into the water and drowned. Fortunately, she could be revived, and eventually, the story came out.

At least, the story came out in a way that protected Guzman and Samuel. There was still a murder. Guzman killed Armando with a flare while the New Year’s fireworks went off. He then enlisted Samuel and Rebeka to help him cover up the murder. Mencia, Ari, and others believe Armando is still somewhere out there.

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