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Did Ella finally learn the truth on Lucifer Season 6?

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As various characters learned the truth, Ella remained in the dark. Is that the way things ended for her on Lucifer Season 6?

Out of all the characters left in the dark, it was the one who believed. Yes, Ella had a crisis of faith at one point, but she believed again. And she knew that something was off with the world; that God wasn’t really Up There for a while.

Despite her belief, she refused to believe that Lucifer was really the Devil. She wouldn’t believe that she was around angels and demons. Would that change at all in Lucifer Season 6?

Would the show really end with Ella remaining in the dark? Would she eventually find out that Lucifer Morningstar was the Devil himself?

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Ella learned the truth on Lucifer Season 6

It turned out Ella had a feeling that something was off with her friends. She had a board that involved Lucifer, Amenadiel, Linda, Maze, and even Dan. She was sure they were keeping some big secrets for her.

At Maze and Eve’s wedding, it all came out. Ella got drunk and shared everything she knew. Understandably, she was angry at her friends for keeping such a secret from her. Were they all laughing behind her back?

It wasn’t like Lucifer ever lied. He told her who he was, but she refused to believe his words. However, others could have backed him up, but we’ve all seen how humans have reacted to learning the truth. Did anyone really want to risk Ella’s sanity?

Carrol was the one with some wise words for her. Ella kept the big secret from him, but he didn’t mind. It wasn’t about keeping secrets, but the intentions of the heart. He trusted Ella, and she learned that she could accept that her friends kept such a big secret for good reasons.

It was a quick turnaround. I guess this is what happens when the reveal is left to the very end of the series. At least she did figure it all out in the end.

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What did you think of Lucifer Season 6? Were you happy with the way Ella figured out the truth? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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