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Why did Emily VanCamp leave The Resident?

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The Resident lost its greatest nurse practitioner. Why did Emily VanCamp choose to leave The Resident after four seasons?

Let’s make one thing clear. The Resident writing out Nurse Nic Nevin was not a creative decision. It wasn’t something the writers added in for the sake of drama or story. This was VanCamp’s decision.

We all had our suspicions about her exit from the series, and it wasn’t to do with the fact that she only likes to stick around for four seasons on a series. It’s all linked to her life changes.

Why Emily VanCamp left The Resident

After the episode that saw Nic’s final moments, Emily VanCamp shared the reasons why she left the series. The birth of her first daughter with husband Josh Bowman certainly played a part in that. It was also linked to the pandemic.

Filming Season 4 of the series was hard. It was during the pandemic, and Emily couldn’t return home to see her family as much. The thought of not seeing her family with a new baby wasn’t something she wanted to go through. She also reprioritized things in her life.

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In the end, the actress decided it was time to put her focus on her family. She decided to leave the series so she could do that instead of filming in a different city.

This doesn’t mean she’s done with acting for good. She’s just done with it for now while she’s focused on family.

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What did you think of Nic’s exit from the series? Did you guess why Emily VanCamp chose to leave? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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