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Is Emily Wickersham leaving NCIS? Will Ellie Bishop return in Season 19?

And with that, it looks like NCIS has lost another agent. Is Emily Wickerham leaving the series? Will Bishop return in Season 19?

The NCIS Season 18 finale saw Ellie Bishop potentially framed for an NSA leak. When a leak from 10 years came back to her, Vance and the rest of the team had to prove she didn’t do it. However, she eventually admitted to it.

By the end of the episode, we learned the full truth. She didn’t do it, but she wasn’t going to take anything back. Odette made it look like Bishop had caused the NSA leak 10 years ago so Ellie could move on and do whatever needed to be done with her.

There have been plenty of signs throughout the season that this was going to happen. Bishop has been learning plenty of new skills, and many of the team members had noticed. And now all but Nick believe that Bishop leaked information. Nick found out the truth, and he’s angry that Bishop is doing this. However, he noted that wherever she’s going next is someone big and she needs to look like a disgraced NCIS agent for it.

This is something Nick has done in the past. He gets it, but that doesn’t mean he accepts it. The biggest question for fans though is whether this is really it for Ellie Bishop on NCIS.

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Will Emily Wickersham return to NCIS in Season 19?

There are no signs that Emily Wickersham leaving. If this was really the end for her on the series, I’m sure we’d have some sort of post-mortem interview from TVLine or another source. TVLine can’t even say if this is the end.

That hints that Bishop’s storyline is going to come up again. She’s going to need the team’s help with whatever she’s gone off to do. Or maybe whatever she is doing is put on the team’s radar and they end up crossing paths. Either way, it certainly looks like Bishop is going to return.

That doesn’t mean Bishop will get back on the team, though. We’re waiting to see if Katrina Law’s Agent Jess Knight joins the team full time. It certainly looks like she will.

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What did you think about Bishop’s storyline on the NCIS Season 18 finale? Do you think that’s it for the character? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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