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Has Emma left Firehouse 51 in Chicago Fire?

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The Chicago Fire Season 10 finale continued the Emma trouble. Did Chief Hawkins find a way to deal with the situation?

There is no doubt that Emma was a huge threat to Violet. She wanted a permanent spot at Firehouse 51, and she was willing to do whatever she could to get it. That included blackmailing Chief Hawkins and making it look like Violet had made a dangerous error with the medical bags.

Hawkins and Violet were stuck. They could tell Hawkins’s bosses the truth, but it would put a spanner in the works for their relationship. There was still the threat of Emma filing a report against Violet and blemishing her record. What happened in the end of the Chicago Fire Season 10 finale?

Emma left Violet behind in the Chicago Fire Season 10 finale

Chief Hawkins ended up telling his boss everything about the relationship with Violet. He would take the consequences for that, but he wanted to make sure Violet was protected.

It looked like it might not have had to come out, though. Emma showed her true colors during a call. As a fire spread, Emma panicked and ran out of the burning building. All that happened as Violet was delivering a baby. There was no way Violet could leave, but it made it clear that Emma is not a great paramedic. She’s not suited for the life with Firehouse 51.

Hawkins told her to finish her shift and pack up her locker. There wasn’t a permanent spot for her when Brett returned. Emma couldn’t argue with that.

However, it’s clear this storyline isn’t over yet. We have no idea if Hawkins will face consequences for his relationship with Violet. It’s also clear there’s still more to the disciplinary actions against Emma in the past. Will all this come up in the Chicago Fire Season 11 premiere?

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What did you think of the way the Emma situation was handled? Do you think it’s over yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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