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Why the ending to How I Met Your Mother didn’t bother me

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The How I Met Your Mother ending wasn’t great, but it didn’t annoy me in ways that it did others. Here’s why that was and still is.

How I Met Your Mother came to an end in May 2014. After nine years, we finally got to meet the mother and hear about the story afterward.

There was so much anticipation for the ending that many were disappointed by it. But in the end it didn’t really bother me. Here are a few reasons why.

The whole final season was a disappointment

To be honest, I found the whole final season a big disappointment. I thought the idea of dedicating a whole season to one weekend was a bad idea from the start. At first it was alright, but it soon dragged on and on.

I actually enjoyed the final two episodes because they flashed forward. I really wanted the whole season to be about the life after meeting the mother and about getting married. The flash forwards in the last two episodes were just too rushed for me. I would have liked to have seen their individual storylines over the course of the few years.

I can’t really get disappointed by one episode when the whole season was a disappointment for me.

It was clearly all about Robin

As the daughter said: it was clearly all about “Aunt Robin.”

I knew someone was going to die, and the idea of the mother dying made sense. I did want it to be a twist in that it was Ted dead and he was telling the story from a DVD he taped or something or it was a story the kids were remembering, but why kill off the main character?

The final season made it clear that really it was all about Robin. Every time I get disappointed that we didn’t see much of the mother after all that time, I just have to remember that single point.

All the loose ends were tied up

Everyone’s loose ends were all tied up. (Except the pineapple!) Marshall got to be a judge and was considering running for Supreme Court judge. Lily had lived her year in Italy and they had their little family. Even Barney had grown up and got the girl in his life that he always needed.

The little snippets that we got throughout the nine years were tied up throughout the whole season. I remember sitting there thinking “oh, that’s what he meant when…” and “And that links to X from season Y…”

So, really the series finale wasn’t a big disappointment for me. Not the way others have said it was for them. I’m glad it came to an end, though.

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What did you think of the How I Met Your Mother series finale? Was it that much of a disappointment when you consider the whole final season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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