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Will Enver Gjokaj return to NCIS: Hawaii?

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We certainly miss Captain Joe in NCIS: Hawaii. Is there a chance that Enver Gjokaj will return to the series?

Captain Joe quickly became a fan-favorite on NCIS: Hawaii. We got him for a few episodes in the first season, and then he was stationed elsewhere. However, he did come back for the season finale, making it clear that Gjokaj may not quite be done with the show.

At least we know that Joe’s exit was on good terms. It was a case of the writers having this plan from the start, and Gjokaj went into the production knowing that.

Now we want to see him return. Is that possible? Could Enver Gjokaj be in NCIS: Hawaii* Season 2?

Is Enver Gjokaj coming back to NCIS: Hawaii?

Vanessa Lachey may have brought up the questions of the return again. Actually, it was more of a fan question to TVLine, and Lachey gave fans a tease.

She has been texting her on-screen love interest a little. It’s great that they’re friends, but it turns out that the texting may be for another reason. It’s possible that Gjokaj is coming back to filming.

So far, Lachey has just said that Captain Joe is “pinned” for a return in the future. We don’t have any dates, but it should be sometime this season. After all, CBS is still making a decision about renewals.

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What do you hope to see if Captain Joe returns? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

NCIS: Hawaii* airs Mondays on CBS.