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Was Eric in the NCIS: Los Angeles series finale?

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We would have loved to see some old characters appear in the NCIS: Los Angeles series finale. Eric was one of those. Did he appear?

The NCIS: Los Angeles series finale came sooner than everyone would have liked. It was so soon that schedules didn’t match to be able to match up to bring back old faces. We didn’t get Hetty, and there was another familiar face we would have liked to see before the show ended. That face was Eric’s.

Sadly, Barret Foa wasn’t available to film the series finale. That didn’t stop us from finding out where he is.

Where is Eric in NCIS: Los Angeles?

Nell came into the story to give us a quick update. It turns out that the tech genius was off giving a TED Talk while Nell put a team together to get Hetty out of the trouble she was in.

It does sound like he and Nell are still together, and that’s something we hoped for. They are both doing their own thing while making things work, and they work on saving the world in their own way at the same time. It was everything we could ask for since we couldn’t get Foa back.

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What did you think of the NCIS: Los Angeles series finale? Did you wish Eric could have been in the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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