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Will Family Law get acquired by a U.S. network?

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A lot of Canadian TV shows have been acquired by U.S. networks in recent years. Will Family Law be one of those shows?

It’s time for more original Canadian programming to get picked up in the United States. The last couple of years have seen more and more shows acquired. The CW picked up Burden of Truth, Coroner, and Trickster. NBC picked up Nurses and Transplant. And we can’t overlook how Acorn TV has a bunch of great Canadian content now available in various parts of the world.

Family Law is a Global TV series we’re hoping to see picked up in the United States. Right now, that’s not happened, but it is still early days. The show is only four episodes in, so the U.S. networks will want to see how well it performs for Canadian audiences and whether it could connect to U.S. audiences.

What is Family Law about?

The series stars Jewel Staite and Victor Garber. Staite is Abigail Bianchi, a recovering alcoholic who is almost disbarred after a drinking incident. She’s turned to alcohol due to her husband having an affair, and now she’s on the verge of losing her children completely. Her estranged father gives her a place to work but there are some heavy stipulations, and he is not going to go easy on her.

While at the family law practice, Abigail gets to know the half-siblings she doesn’t like. Her half-brother doesn’t like her either.

Abigail is trying to get her life back on track while helping the various clients at the family law practice. Of course, there are ups and downs along the way.

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Which network would the series work for?

Family Law is on Global TV in Canada. This could help us figure out the network the series could work for in the U.S. Global TV sees a lot of CBS, FOX, and NBC programming such as NCIS, New Amsterdam, and 9-1-1. We could see the series head to either of these networks if acquired.

It would certainly work for the likes of NBC and FOX. The two networks may need to acquire Canadian content for the summer months. The series has a Boston Legal feel to it. This could mean FOX will want to acquire the series for the summer months.

The CW may also want to acquire the content and Family Law could work as a Burden of Proof replacement in the summer. After all, Burden of Proof has ended and Bulletproof has been canceled so that’s two missing shows for the spring and summer of next year. Garber starred on Legends of Tomorrow, so The CW may want to connect to Legends audience this way.

We certainly think Family Law deserves to be picked up for U.S. audiences.

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What do you think of the series? Which network could you see it working for? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Family Law airs Fridays on Global TV. Catch up the following day on Stack TV. ($)