Will Fear Street be renewed by Netflix?

The final Fear Street movie is now available to stream on Netflix. Will there be more of these movies in the future?

Fear Street is based on the R.L. Stine book series of the same name. They’re not clear-cut adaptations of the novels, but a chance to look at the story of how the Shadyside curse started and how to end it. The third and final movie of the trilogy is now available to stream on Netflix, and it’s time to see if the curse can be broken.

But now that we don’t have another movie to look forward to next Friday, there are a lot of questions about the future of the Fear Street story. Is there going to be another trilogy? Will Netflix bring us more Fear Street movies?

The New Girl (Fear Street Book 1) ($)

Netflix hasn’t made a decision about Fear Street yet

The bad news is that we don’t have a renewal just yet. This isn’t all that surprising. When it comes to movies and shows on Netflix, we don’t usually hear about renewals right away. It can take a month or two for the renewals to happen.

Netflix doesn’t just want to see what the initial uptake of a series or movie is. The focus is on the longevity of the content, which means looking at performance over the following weeks. Can the movies or shows remain popular after the initial release?

There’s a good chance that this movie series will. Not only was the initial promotion great, but the weekly release of all three movies has helped to keep the interest. We’ll just have to wait and see how things will play out in the following weeks.

The reviews for the movies have been overwhelmingly positive. There are enough homages to other horror movies without being too corny or repetitive, and the soundtracks have been perfect for the time periods of the movies. We’re going all of this is enough to land more movies to make this a regular event on Netflix.

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Fear Street is available to stream on Netflix.