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Did Finan die in The Last Kingdom Season 5?

Caution: There are spoilers for The Last Kingdom Season 5 in this post.

Knowing The Last Kingdom Season 5 was the last, we knew deaths were coming. What happened to Finan? Did he survive to the end?

Final seasons of TV shows always bring big deaths. The Last Kingdom certainly didn’t disappoint in that aspect. From around the third episode, we had a major death in every single episode of the season. Some of them were more heartbreaking that others, and there were a few we cheered for.

There were a few charcters we worried about going into the season. Finan was one of them. Would the series deviate from the books when it came to this character? After all, the show deviated for one of the characters in Uhtred’s group.

Did Finan survive The Last Kingdom Season 5

We have some good news. Uhtred’s Irish best friend survived the series finale. There was a moment when it looked like he wouldn’t, though.

Uhtred, Sihtric, and Finan were climbing the cliffs of Bebbenburg looking for a sneaky way in. Finan slips, and it looks like he’s going to fall to his death below. Sihtric and Uhtred get to him and get him back up on the ledge they were standing on. After taking a breath, they’re able to get back onto climbing up the cliffs.

Then there’s a moment when Mark Rowley gets to use his natural accent as he pretends to be part of the Scottish king’s guard. However, the king points out that Finan isn’t one of his men, and so Wihtgar has Finan and Sihtric arrested with the plan to torture them. Don’t worry; these two know how to get out of sticky situations like this.

The great news is Finan will be there for The Last Kingdom movie, which is currently filming.

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