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Will everyone make it out of the five-alarm fire on Station 19?

Station 19 Season 3 is bringing us a five-alarm fire. Will everyone make it out alive? Who could we love during the next episode?

We’re heading into an intense episode of Station 19 Season 3. The end of Episode 11 brought us a five-alarm fire. Every firefighter in the area is called to the one fire, and that means lives are on the line. Will we lose one of our own?

There’s a strong chance that we’ll say goodbye to one of our own. It’s almost like the whole season has been leading to this. We’ve heard of the heartbreak spouses and partners face when they love firefighters. In many cases, the relationships end with death.

So, it’s natural to wonder whether everyone is going to make it out of Station 19 Season 3 alive. The promo makes it look like some of our favorites are going to end up trapped in various places of the storage compound with the fire burning around them.

Jack’s life is in danger again

One of the characters that looks trapped is Jack. This isn’t the first time. Remember the Station 19 Season 1 finale?

During that finale, we had Jack make a decision to sacrifice himself for the sake of the rest of the group. We had this heartfelt goodbye, but Andy wasn’t about to let it all end that way and she helped to save him. But was that just to prevent the inevitable.

Did Jack just get a couple of extra years? After all, Jack isn’t coupled up with anyone anymore. His big storylines have come to an end. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have more in the future, but right now, his death wouldn’t leave too many unanswered questions.

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Will Andy say goodbye to Sullivan?

Okay, I don’t think Andy is going to be one to die in Station 19, but what about Sullivan? We have already seen one of our own lose someone they love, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen again. The circumstances would be different and the recovery storyline would be unique.

Vic mentioned how moving on made her wonder if she should be guilty. The problem was she felt relief from the guilt.

There’s no way Andy would react that way. We’d see another way of reacting through grief. Of course, we’ve already seen Andy go through grief, though. She lost Ryan at the start of the season. It would seem extremely unfair if something happened to Sullivan, but since when is life fair?

Vic? Dean? Travis? Maya?

There are plenty of members at Station 19 who could end up killed. Vic, Dean, Travis, and Maya could certainly be on the list of those who will die. Or one of those could end up dying.

I don’t think it’s going to be Dean considering the Baby Pru storyline. We could end up losing Vic, but I think the writers will want to keep the single father storyline going. I also don’t actually think Vic will die because of the five-alarm fire. There’s a chance of a great storyline between these two friends who are raising a baby together.

So that leads to Travis or Maya. Travis was almost killed during the Station 19 Season 1 finale and he went through a major recovery storyline in the second season premiere. So, Maya seems like an obvious choice if we’re going to lose one of our original characters.

Wait, Maya was on vacation, wasn’t she? Well, the promo shows Maya is at the fire. So, she obviously gets there.

It has to be Emmett, right?

Finally, we need to look at Emmett’s chances of living. He’s actually the one I think won’t make it out. He’s still in training and his dad is the chief. His death would lead to the chief looking negatively at Station 19, putting all sorts of lives at risk with punishments and suspensions.

It would also open a storyline of guilt. Travis was really awful to Emmett. Now yes, Emmett is cheating on his girlfriend, but nobody asked Travis to continue sleeping with Emmett after finding out the truth.

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It’s not likely Jackson or Warren

Grey’s Anatomy makes it clear that Jackson isn’t in trouble. As firefighters were being brought in from this fire during Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Episode 20, Jackson was wandering around with little worry. So, he’s likely going to be called away from the five-alarm fire.

This would suggest that Warren isn’t in danger, either. He’s with the medical response unit, so would have no reason to go into the actual fire.

Of course, everyone may make it out alive. If that happens, I will be a little disappointed. Chicago Fire has had too many issues of putting the firefighters in almost-impossible-to-live situations and it meant season cliffhangers meant little. Station 19 skipped the heartbreak with the Season 2 premiere, so it’s time to bring the realities of firefighting.

Who do you think isn’t making it out of Station 19 alive? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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