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Why there’s a flaw in Snowpiercer TV catching up to the movie

There’s still a huge problem with the idea of the Snowpiercer TV series catching up with the movie.

Caution: There are spoilers from the Snowpiercer Season 1 finale in this post in case you haven’t watched it yet.

There have been many questions about whether the Snowpiercer TV series could catch up to the movie; whether they could be in the same world. Early on, we had a feeling that it was possible. However, then Episode 8 seemed to confirm that it couldn’t. Now, it looks like it is possible again.

The final brought us a major reveal. There was never just one train. A second, much bigger train was out there, and that train was taking its time catching up to Snowpiercer. Eventually, it did, and Melanie knew a huge problem with that. Mr. Wilford was still alive and he would probably destroy the human race to get his revenge.

With Mr. Wilford, catching up to the movie is possible

The big reason the TV series and movie had to be in different worlds was Mr. Wilford. By him not being on the train, it was never possible to catch up to the movie. After all, Chris Evans’s character meets Mr. Wilford at the end of the movie. So without him, it had to be in a new world.

Now Mr. Wilford is clearly alive. We haven’t seen him on the show yet, but there is a promo from TNT that brings Sean Bean in as the infamous character in the world. And he’s ready to take back what is his.

He could take care of the rebellion, head to the Engine, and take over. This would allow for Chris Evans’s character 10 years later to meet him in the Engine.

There’s still a flaw when it comes to Layton’s story

There remains a flaw in catching up to the movie. It all comes from Layton’s story of cannibalism. Both the TV show and movie have included the cannibalism, but in different ways. Layton shares that a gang leader’s heart was chopped up and everyone ate a piece so nobody was innocent. In the movie, Evans’s character says that the people Up Train didn’t feed them so they turned on each other, eating the weak. That was how people started chopping off arms to make sure there was some food.

In the movie, it happened within a month of boarding the train. That’s something that would have come up in Layton’s story if it had happened, right? He would have mentioned it to someone. Or someone on the train would have mentioned it. We could have even seen it in one of the drug-infused states. However, there wasn’t a hint that this cannibalism storyline had ever happened.

So, it takes us back to the movie and show not connecting.

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There could be others at the back of the second train

Of course, we could find out that there’s a group of Tailies at the back of the second train. However, this second train isn’t Snowpiercer. Sure, people at the back of the train in the movie had no idea where they were, but they would have noticed if the train stopped once. There would have been a panic. After all, they knew the train couldn’t stop once it got moving. The power for the train came from the engine running. That would have been something mentioned in the movie, surely.

Plus, what are the chances that both trains would have had two sets of stowaways? What are the chances that both sets of stowaways would have been treated so similarly by two different groups of people running the trains? And why wouldn’t anyone have mentioned this second train if people knew about it?

There are a lot of reasons why we should just accept that the TV series and movie are in different worlds. It’s going to take some explanation for them both to fit together.

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