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FOX shows cancelled in May 2022

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FOX didn’t make the big splash with major cancellations this year. There were still some FOX cancelled shows in 2022.

We’re certainly used to seeing FOX be the biggest network when it comes to cancellation decisions. In the past, we’ve watched the network cancel Prodigal Son, Lucifer, and much more. In 2022, it didn’t become the most evil network for cancellations. That honor was given to The CW.

That didn’t stop the network having to cancel some shows. There were three FOX cancelled shows in 2022, and we are a little disappointed by some of them. However, we do need to note that there are still a couple of shows on the bubble. Here’s a look at all them that we’ve said goodbye to this year.

FOX cancelled shows in 2022: Pivoting and more

The cancelled shows were freshman shows. They just didn’t pull in the ratings that the network was hoping for. We start off with the freshman dramedy Pivoting. The dramedy followed three women who made some substantial life changes when their fourth friend died unexpectedly.

The other two cancellations were dramas from the fall lineup. We’d already know about The Big Leap. That cancellation came relatively early. While it was expected due to the low ratings, it was still disappointing. Scott Foley can’t seem to find success in TV shows.

Our Kind of People was the next cancellation on the list. This fall drama tried hard to find its audience running in after new episodes of The Resident, but just couldn’t succeed. The cancellation came in May, although it was highly expected by that point.

Duncanville and Housebroken remain on the bubble.

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What do you think of the FOX cancelled shows in 2022? Which ones disappointed you the most? Share in the comments below.

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