FOX fall 2021 schedule: 9-1-1s split up, The Resident remains on Tuesdays

The FOX fall 2021 schedule is out. While most networks are blocking their franchises, FOX is opting to split up the 9-1-1s.

It’s actually not a bad decision when you consider it. While CBS will have FBI Tuesdays, NBC has One Chicago Wednesdays and Law & Order Thursdays, and ABC has it TGIT lineup, FOX is opting to hold 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 3 to the midseason. This is the second-highest-rated drama on the network, and it’s clear holding it to midseason is strategic.

By splitting the shows, the two 9-1-1s will help to keep Monday nights strong. The two shows tend to have longer-than-usual midseason breaks, so piggy-backing the shows helps to keep a strong drama to start the week.

9-1-1 Season 5 will kick off the fall season, going on a break in the winter. 9-1-1: Lone Star Season 3 will premiere, likely, in January 2022. The shows will act as strong lead-ins for new shows.

The Resident and The Masked Singer among shows remaining the same

For the most part, the FOX fall 2021 schedule isn’t all that different. While CBS has made some big changes, FOX has decided to keep things steady, keeping The Resident on Tuesdays. That will not put it up against FBI Season 4 instead of up against NCIS.

Morris Chestnut’s new series, Our Kind of People, will air in the post-The Resident timeslot. This makes sense since he’ll also be in some episodes of the medical drama still.

The Masked Singer will keep the Wednesday night slot, with new series Alter Ego taking the next hour. I Can See Your Voice Season 2 isn’t part of the fall lineup. Animation Domination continues to be the strong start to the week (or end of, depending on how you view the week). Why change things that aren’t broken?

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Full FOX fall 2021 schedule

All the new shows are denoted in caps.

8-9 PM — 9-1-1

8-9 PM — The Resident

8-9 PM — The Masked Singer

THURSDAY, Beginning Oct. 7
8 PM ET/5 PM PT — Thursday Night Football on Fox

8-10 PM — WWE’S Friday Night Smackdown

7-10:30 PM — FOX Sports Saturday

7-7:30 PM — NFL on Fox
7:30-8 PM — The OT / FOX Encores
8:-8:30 PM — The Simpsons
8:30-9 PM — The Great North
9-9:30 PM — Bob’s Burgers
9:30-10 PM — Family Guy

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