FOX midseason schedule 2022: 911 Lone Star, Call Me Kat, and more return dates

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The broadcast networks are starting to set their midseason schedules. FOX is the second to do so, with 911 Lone Star, Call Me Kat, and more.

We’re getting to the point of networks setting their January dates. 2022 will see the return of a lot of great shows, including 911 Lone Star and Call Me Kat on FOX. And there really isn’t that long to wait into the new year. Most of the return dates are set for the start of the month.

FOX is giving a few shows a special premiere timeslot on Sundays. This is likely to help give the returning and new shows a boost with the network struggling in the scripted department recently. We also know that The Big Leap and Our Kind of People are finishing up their seasons in 2021 with no backorders. Things aren’t looking good for the two new shows.

There are some notable additions to the schedule. 911 Lone Star Season 3 will premiere on Monday, Jan. 3. It’s going to take the current 911 timeslot. This isn’t too surprising. When the series wasn’t part of the fall lineup, it was clear that FOX wanted to give the midseason a good chance with ratings by putting its second-best scripted show at that point.

911 isn’t part of the midseason lineup, but that’s also not surprising. The series often takes a long break in the new year for filming needs. There is a new series following 911 Lone Star, The Cleaning Lady.

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FOX midseason 2022 schedule

All the new shows are marked with the asterisks. Special times and regular times are noted clearly.

Sunday, Jan. 2

8 p.m.: Next Level Chef* special timeslot

Monday, Jan. 3

8 p.m.: 911 Lone Star Season 3
9 p.m.: The Cleaning Lady*

Wednesday, Jan. 5

8 p.m.: I Can See Your Voice Season 2
9 p.m.: Next Level Chef regular timeslot

Thursday, Jan. 6

8 p.m.: Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer* two-hour special

Sunday, Jan. 9

8 p.m.: Call Me Kat Season 2 premiere (will air at 5 p.m. PT) special timeslot
8:30 p.m.: Pivoting* (will air at 5:30 p.m. PT) special timeslot

Thursday, Jan. 13

8 p.m.: Joe Millionair: For Richer or Poorer
9 p.m.: Call Me Kat regular timeslot
9:30 p.m.: Pivoting regular timeslot

Sunday, Jan. 30

10 p.m.: Monarch* (will air at 7 p.m. PT) special timeslot

Tuesday, Feb. 1

8 p.m.: The Resident
9 p.m.: Monarch regular timeslot

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