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Friends leaving Netflix Canada: Where to stream Friends in 2021

Friends is leaving Netflix Canada in December 2021. It will be immediately available on another streaming platform.

There’s some bad (but also good) news for Canadian viewers. Friends is leaving Netflix Canada in December 2021.

Don’t worry! It won’t be long before it’s on another streaming service. In fact, there’s no break between the listings at all.

When is Friends leaving Netflix Canada?

Fans have until Dec. 31 to binge-watch all 10 seasons of the sit-com. You do have time for all 236 episodes, but you might want to download a few episodes so you have a little extra time.

You’ll get 30 extra days with the downloads.

The decision is out of Netflix’s hands, just like when it was removed from Netflix U.S. WarnerMedia, which owns the series, is looking to move the show elsewhere.

The same thing is happening with Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which has moved from Netflix Canada to another streaming service.

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Where to watch Friends in 2021

From Dec. 31, you’ll be able to watch the American sit-com on another streaming platform, according to Bell. There’s no break at all.

Friends will go to Crave, and it will be exclusive to the service. This is also where Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has headed, if you’re looking for it.

The move isn’t surprising. WarnerMedia has a deal with Bell, which owns Crave. It was only a matter of time before WarnerMedia-owned shows headed there instead of other streaming platforms.

The show is likely to remain on this platform for the foreseeable future. The only change will be if WarnerMedia brings an end to the current relationship with Bell, but that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon.

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Which is your favorite episode of the series? Are you getting Crave just for the show or do you already have it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Friends is leaving Netflix Canada on Dec. 31.