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Frozen 2 is coming to Disney Plus in June 2020

You saw it in theaters, you have it on DVD, but you know you want to watch it on Disney Plus. Frozen 2 finally has a Disney Plus release date.

Sure, you watched Frozen 2 in theaters. And yes, you have it on DVD and Blu-ray right now. But there’s no doubt that you want to watch Frozen 2 on Disney Plus. If you don’t, your kids definitely do.

This house definitely needs the movie on Disney Plus. The kids have watched Frozen time and time again, including all the shorts. We need the sequel. And there’s isn’t long to wait now. Frzoen 2 will be on Disney Plus on June 26, 2020.

Update Mar. 13: Disney has now confirmed that Frozen 2 will head to Disney Plus three months early due to coronavirus to make things a little easier on families. Get ready to watch on Mar. 15.

This date is for those in the U.S. and Canada. For those in Australia and New Zealand, you’ll need to wait until July 31. It’s annoying, but at least you get a release date. Those in Europe still have no idea when the Disney movie is finally going to arrive on the streaming service.

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It’s taking six to eight months to see movies arrive on Disney Plus

June is about the time we expected. Disney seems to take six to eight months to add theatrical releases to the streaming service. The Lion King took about six months while Toy Story 4 took eight. It’s hard to tell what sort of plan Disney is going for at the moment, but this is a new streaming service. It’s likely that Disney is still trying to find a sweet spot for releases.

After all, the money is going to be in the DVD and Blu-ray releases. Despite having things on streaming, there are many benefits to have physical copies. There’s no need for an internet connection and we can get better quality. Plus there are the deleted scenes and bonus features.

Frozen 2 is worth watching

If you haven’t watched Frozen 2 yet (there was no way we could get away with not going to the theaters to see it!), you may want to know if you should watch the movie. Well, yes, it is definitely worth watching, especially if you loved the first one. The sequel isn’t just made for the sake of money. There’s a sweet story that ends in a way you wouldn’t necessarily expect. It’s heartfelt, as Elsa searches for why she has her powers in the first place.

Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf travel to a land that has been shut off from the world for decades. It’s the only way Elsa can stop the mysterious singing that’s calling out to her, and the only way she can help save Arandale. At the same time, Anna realizes her own strengths and figures out that she can protect the people she loves.

Check out the trailer for Frozen 2 below:

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Frozen 2 is heading to Disney Plus on June 26, 2020.