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Where does the Fugitive Doctor fit in the Doctor Who timeline

The Fugitive Doctor was introduced in Doctor Who Season 12. we’ve found out where Ruth fits in the timeline during Doctor Who: Flux.

One of the problems with introducing a regeneration of The Doctor is the risk of creating plotholes. That’s something Chris Chibnall has certainly done with the introduction of Ruth. Introduced in Season 12, we quickly learned that she was a regeneration that Jode Whittaker’s 13th Doctor didn’t know. That means she is a future regeneration, right?


Ruth didn’t know the 13th Doctor. We also then learned that she was connected to the Division, a secret organization of the Time Lords. That meant she came from sometime in the earlier cycles. Let’s not bring up the fact that her TARDIS is stuck as the police box ($) right now, which wouldn’t be the case.

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Doctor Who: Flux explains where the Fugitive Doctor fits in the timeline

During the third episode of Flux, we got to meet the Fugitive Doctor again. Whittaker’s Doctor jumped into the time stream to save Yaz and Vinder, and she found herself in memories now and then. These memories took place on the planet of Time when The Doctor was the leader of a unit from the Division.

When the 13th Doctor looks in the mirror, she sees flashes of Ruth. That means she’s in the memories of the Fugitive Doctor, and now everything makes a bit more sense.

The Fugitive Doctor comes before William Hartnell. In other words, this is the Doctor before the OG series.

Yes, it creates a lot of plotholes. It completely messes with the canon already set. For now, we’ll just have to ignore that but it won’t be long until we need these plotholes fixed. At least we know where the Fugitive Doctor fits.

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What did you think of the explanation for the Fugitive Doctor? What do you need to see to fix the plotholes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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