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Who died on the SEAL Team Season 4 finale?

The SEAL Team Season 4 finale told us there was a devastating loss, and we knew that meant a team member death. Who didn’t make it out of deployment alive?

Caution: There are spoilers from the SEAL Team Season 4 finale in this post.

With Bravo Team out on deployment, we knew that anything could happen. Arguably, any of the characters could end up being killed. However, deep down, we knew who it would be who wouldn’t make it to the end of deployment.

During the penultimat episode, Full Metal was hit by an RPG. Clay and Jason did everything they could to save his life, and there was a victory in the helicopter on the way back to the ship. The two got back out in the field while the doctors on the ship treated Full Metal, but it was sadly all in vain.

Full Metal was the casualty during the episode. Bravo Team learned of the devastating loss when they got back. Davis was the one to tell them, and we all knew what she was going to say when she walked up to them.

While it is a devastating loss, I remain impressed with the authenticity of this series. Writing out characters on a TV show isn’t easy, but deaths in the field do happen. And Full Metal’s death leads to a lot of the characters rethinking their current predicaments.

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Clay gets married, Ray fixes his marriage on the SEAL Team Season 4 finale

There was a lot happening when Bravo Team got back home on the SEAL Team Season 4 finale. The first was Clay’s decision to propose. At first, it looked like he was going to break up with Stella. After all, there were a lot of comments about how all the relationships around him have crumbled. He wants to be one of the 10% that makes it work, though.

He and Stella got married at the end of the season. Yes, they really got married.

Meanwhile, Jason encouraged Ray to get help for his PTSD. Ray didn’t want to do this, viewing PTSD as a weakness. Being a bad husband or a bad father is just something SEALs accept. However, in the end he asked for help, and that led to him opening up to Naima. He gave her details of the things that happened to her, and he admitted the fear he felt of never getting back to his family.

It looks like the two are back on track. There’s still some work to do, but there is hope.

Sonny got to see his daughter. He is even talking about leaving the SEALs and retiring in Texas to be close to her. This would open the door for him and Davis to be together. Will it happen on SEAL Team Season 5?

Finally, Jason has decided he wants to be there for the brothers who make it home. He wants to be a better person and a better father. However, it looks like there are some health issues coming up on SEAL Team Season 5 based on a sudden loss of thought and what looked like something wrong with his head. We’ll have to wait for the new season to see where the writers are going with that, but Clay seemed a little concerned.

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What did you think of the SEAL Team Season 4 finale? What do you hope to see on Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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