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Did Gary die in A Million Little Things series finale?

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A Million Little Things started with a death. It was only natural to end with a death. What happened to Gary in the series finale?

As much as we all hoped there would be some sort of miracle, we knew deep down that wasn’t going to happen. The penultimate episode made it very clear that Gary wasn’t going to make it. The question was all about the amount of time he would have.

Well, he had until the end of the series finale. And it was all on his own terms in the end. While A Million Little Things started with a suicide that shouldn’t have happened, the finale was all about dying with dignity.

Gary chose to end his life in A Million Little Things

Realizing that he might not beat cancer, Gary set up a plan to die with dignity. There was an oncologist willing to help, even though it’s against the law, and Gary made sure his friends were on board. Of course, Rome and Eddie didn’t like it at first, but they realized eventually that this was better than Gary dying in pain.

So, Gary used the codeword Rutledge to make it clear that it was time for Rome and Eddie to help him die. Others ended up being there for him, too. In fact, Regina was extremely mad that she wasn’t clued in on it all at first, and I can’t blame her.

It was emotional, but there was no way that this series could pull a miracle happy ending. The series was about life’s ups and downs—the happy moments and the heartbreaks. We did get a flash-forward to see how everyone had moved on. Maggie and Javi were okay, and that’s what mattered in that moment.

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What did you think of the A Million Little Things finale? Did it work for you? How many tissues did you go through? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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