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Gentleman Jack Season 2 premiere date confirmed

It’s been a long wait for Gentleman Jack Season 2, but we finally have a light at the end of the tunnel. HBO has set the premiere date.

There are a few shows we’ve worried about over the last couple of years. Gentleman Jack was certainly one of them. For a while, we heard absolutely nothing about the series, but HBO has finally brought us some excellent news.

Gentleman Jack Season 2 is still happening. The great news is that we now know when we’ll get to watch the period drama starring Suranne Jones.

Gentleman Jack Season 2 is coming in April 2022

Well, we don’t quite have an exact premiere date just yet. We know the month the series will arrive. Get ready for April.

This is at least better than wondering when we’re going to get it. We know at some point next month we’ll get to watch the eight-episode season.

HBO and HBO Max have had different ways to release content. Some have been released as a binge-watch, some with a hybrid release, and some with a weekly release. It’s not confirmed in the HBO press release which way this series is going to be released. With the wait we’ve had, we’d love a binge-watch.

What to expect on Season 2

The second season is set in Yorkshire 1834. Anne Lister and Anne Walker have set up their home together, determined to combine their estates to become Yorkshire’s power couple. There are certainly many people around who would worry about what the two could manage together. Mostly, they’re worried about what Lister could do.

Halifax is on the brink of revolution. This should be perfect for Lister’s entrepreneurial spirit, but the people around her fear her. Of course they fear what they don’t know or what doesn’t fit in with the social norms of the time. Lister isn’t going to back down. A man wouldn’t, so why should it be different for her?

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Gentleman Jack Season 2 is coming to HBO and HBO Max in April 2022.