Is Dr. Glassman leaving The Good Doctor?

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The Good Doctor Season 6 saw Dr. Glassman make a rookie mistake. Does this mean his cancer is back, or was it a blip?

Due to The Bachelor Season 27 finale, we didn’t get a new episode of The Good Doctor this week. We have to wait until Monday, April 3 for answers to our burning questions. The biggest question is whether Dr. Glassman is going to leave.

During the previous episode, Jared shared that Glassman made a rookie mistake. Instead of 10 sutures, he only did eight. Shaun has immediately jumped to worse-case scenario in his head.

Is Glassman’s cancer back in The Good Doctor?

It could be just a blip. Glassman has been under a lot of strain recently. His house with all his memories of his late daughter has gone up in flames. He’s now living with Shaun and Lea until he finds somewhere, and there isn’t long left with their baby due very soon. It wouldn’t be surprising if one thing slipped his mind.

However, Shaun fears the worst. This blip could mean that Glassman’s cancer is back, and Shaun is terrified of that being the case. Glassman doesn’t think there’s a problem, but is he just not facing it out of fear?

This is something we’ll have to wait until April 3 for.

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