GLOW the latest Netflix series with renewal reversed

GLOW Season 4 is no longer happening. It’s the latest show to have its renewal reversed due to the pandemic.

Netflix has made a string of disappointing decisions lately. And there’s another one right now. GLOW Season 4 is no longer happening.

The series had been renewed back in August 2019 shortly after the third season dropped. It was picked up as the final season, giving the creators a chance to finish telling the story.

However, that decision has been reversed. Like The Society, Netflix has made the difficult decision to reverse the renewal. And this wouldn’t have come easy due to penalities in place.

GLOW Season 4 had already started filming

The decision comes with a blow. The fourth and final season had already started filming back in February 2020. In fact, one episode was completed and the second episode production had started before the show was forced to shutdown in at the height of the pandemic’s first wave.

Netflix made the call for one reason: problems with filming. The show is one of those that involves a lot of close contact, which goes against a lot of the pandemic guidelines. Because of this, a lot of the wrestling scenes were in jeopardy. The show also films in LA, which has been one of the harder cities to see filming return in.

Rather than wait the pandemic out, Netflix decided to release the cast and cancel the series. It’s certainly not the decision the creators wanted, according to an interview with Deadline.

Instead, fans will just have to put up with the way the third season ended. It’s disappointing news, for sure.

The good news is that the cast isn’t suffering financially from Netflix’s decision. All cast members have been paid in full for the fourth season.

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What do you think of Netflix’s decision to reverse the GLOW renewal? What did you hope to see in the fourth season? Share your thoughts in the comments.

GLOW Seasons 1 to 3 are available to stream on Netflix.