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God Friended Me ending after two seasons: Will there be a real series finale?

God Friended Me is canceled after two seasons. Was there time to create a real series finale or will we be left with major questions?

It’s that time of year where networks start to make cancellation and renewal decisions. A surprising cancellation has hit. God Friended Me is not getting a third season. And now the big question is whether there will or will not be a real series finale.

When most shows are canceled partway through a season, there isn’t a strong series finale. It’s the season finale that just ends up being used as a series finale. In some cases, like The Magicians, the finale is written with the possibility of it being the end. But in some cases like Dark Angel and many other series finales, there are major cliffhangers and a lot of questions.

So, what about God Friended Me‘s series finale? Will there be a real ending? After all, this is a show that needs a real ending; it needs one major question answered.

The season finale will be a series finale

There’s excellent news for God Friended Me fans. According to TVLine, the series finale has been written as such. The writers were warned of the ending coming, that CBS was canceling the show. This meant the writers could wrap up the show.

Hopefully, we’ll get to find out who runs the God Account. More importantly, hopefully, we’ll get to know why the God Account chose Miles in the first place.

All you need to know about the God Friended Me series finale

The final episode will actually be a two-hour finale. It will air on April 26, starting at 8/7c. It runs into the NCIS: LA slot. After that, NCIS: LA will air its Season 11 finale. NCIS: New Orleans is wrapping Season 6 a week earlier.

At least God Friended Me had a chance to film all episodes. The two NCIS programs were halted partway through due to the coronavirus pandemic. Could you imagine CBS canceling the show and then the finale not filming?

What do you think of God Friended Me coming to an end? What questions do you need answered? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

God Friended Me airs Sundays at 8/7c on CBS. Watch the full season on CBS All Access.