God Friended Me: Is Cara coming back for Season 2? Violett Beane sets the record straight

The God Friended Me Season Finale ended with Cara jetting off to Paris. Does this mean she won’t be back for Season 2? Violett Beane has set the record straight.

We’ve ended up back at square one in God Friended Me. The finale ended with us not finding out who is behind the God Account. Despite all of Miles, Rakesh, and Cara’s best efforts, everyone who they thought could be behind it was ruled out and we were left with more questions rather than answers.

Now, Miles is not the only one to be sent a friend request by God, Rakesh is in charge of an R&D department and Cara is jetting off to Paris.

With Cara leaving for at least six months, a lot of God Friended Me fans started asking the same question. Is Cara coming back for Season 2?

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Thankfully, Violett Beane, who plays Cara in God Friended Me has set the record straight.

Beane recently sat down with TV Insider about the Season Finale cliffhanger and God Friended Me Season 2.

During the interview, Beane spoke of how Cara is feeling both professionally and personally. She also spoke of Miles and Cara’s relationship.

The most noteworthy part of the interview, however, was when Beane answered questions about Season 2, which pretty much gave us the confirmation Cara will be back for God Friended Me Season 2.

What are you hoping to have happen for Cara in Season 2? Is there anyone you’d like her to share more scenes with?

I always love working with Rachel Bay Jones, who plays Cara’s mom. She’s fabulous, and I really just like hearing her perspective on life, so it would be really cool to work with her some more.

But I hope for Cara just that she does grow in her career. She is a talented writer, and there’s no denying that, so I hope to see something really skyrocket for her in Season 2.

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So what did you think of the God Friended Me Season Finale first of all? Are you looking forward to the next season? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.