God Friended Me: This is going to be one heck of a finale!

The cast of God Friended Me have been giving us an insight into the season finale and if they have made one thing clear it is this, it is going to be one heck of a finale!

Here we go, everyone! The God Friended Me season finale is here and everything that has been happening throughout the season has led up to this moment. That is, according to Violette Beane, who plays Cara Bloom, in the CBS comedy-drama.

The cast of the show have been talking about the upcoming finale, scheduled to take place on April 14, and they have given us a great insight into what is to happen.

Here is precisely what Violet Beane said about how everything has been leading up to this moment:

“Everything that has been accumulating over the season kind of comes to a head in the finale,”

Brandon Micheal Hall, who plays God Friended Me lead Miles, explained:

“We come very close to discovering who’s behind the God account,”

“He’s faced now with the problem that started it all. He’s coming of age into himself. He’s finally having to make a choice of this responsibility that he’s going to take in. That’s why you don’t want to miss it because something else happens and it takes a nice, little turn.”

So clearly, there is a twist on the way for fans. Brandon has described it as a “little turn,” but I don’t think there will be anything little about it. What is interesting though is how they will only “come very close to discovering who’s behind the God account.” With the introduction of Henry Chase, the lead suspect behind the God Account, in the finale. The assumption by fans was this would be the moment we have all been waiting for. The truth.

That might not be happening based on Brandon’s comments.

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I wouldn’t get too disappointed about that, however, as Joe Morton, who plays the role of Reverend Arthur Finer, commented on how we will be left feeling after the finale:

“What it does is, it’ll open everybody up to what’s possible for next year,”

“You’ll see people making decisions about their lives in very different ways – unexpected ways,”

“And I think there’s one thing at the very end of the show will knock people out. So, yes. You should watch.”

It’s pretty clear what the cast of God Friended Me are trying to stay. Don’t miss the finale!

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