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God Friended Me delivered a wonderful message we could all do with taking note of

God Friended Me returned last night with another brilliant episode on CBS. During the episode, a wonderful message was delivered, a message we could all do with taking note of.

I don’t know about you, but God Friended Me has become a huge surprise for me. Each episode has been beautifully written, meaningful, and unpredictable. Maybe it’s becasue I watch too much TV, and I write about TV, but I have started to find TV shows really predictble and spouting out the same messages over and over again. But God Friended Me has been the exception.

Last night’s episode, “Return to Sender,” couldn’t have made that more clear. The plot twisted and turned on more than one occasion and it was difficult, in a good way, to see where things were going.

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The reveal at the very end; of how Miles’ very first friend suggestion was connected to the little girl who was also connected to Miles’ current friend suggestion completely snuck up on me. To the point I found myself toasting the episode with my cup of tea saying well done. I know, not the most exciting drink but hey ho.

However, what I really want to focus on is the wonderful message we could all do with taking note of that was delivered last night. A message which involved Reverend Arthur Finer. As we all know, he is in the running for Bishop. However, with him having both an atheist son and lesbian daughter, he has been advised to stay clear of subjects involving them; essentially play the political game.


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This was something he wasn’t comfortable with, but with both Miles and Ali’s blessing, he was going to just that, play the political game. It didn’t go well though. You could see he was not comfortable with it and his girlfriend Trisha could see it.

Trisha then spoke to him about his predicament, and this is the message I think we could all do with taking note of. A message that, in effect, said there is no point in pretending to be something you’re not.

It’s a message I think would have resonated with many people watching God Friended Me last night. Whether it is playing the political game, the career game, socializing with family, friends, or acquaintances, we have all, more than likely, pretended to be something we are not. Something which is very difficult to then get out of once you have started and something many people will have wished they never started.

Did you watch God Friended Me last night? What did you think of the message? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.

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