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God Friended Me: Oh yes, that beautiful scene did happen!

Season 2 of God Friended Me got off to a brilliant start by creating a truly beautiful and magical moment that left fans completely surprised; in a good way.

If there are any TV shows looks for advise on how to create a premiere episode that will leave a lasting impression; they need to take notes from God Friended Me. The premiere episode of the second season had it all, including a scene that left us with our jaw on the floor.

For fans who have yet to catch up with the Season 2 premiere. You should consider hitting the back button and coming back to read this post later once you carefully caught up.

OK. So, now that we have got the spoiler warnings out of the way, let’s start talking about the premiere.

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It had it all! Mystery, intrigue, suspense and laughter.

We have a new character to focus on, while still developing our existing characters. The story of the God Account is evolving ever more and the same heartwarming messages that made God Friended Me stand out from everyone else.

It was towards the very end of the episode however where we got the highlight of the night. A complete takeover of Times Square. A takeover that actually happened.

Steve Harper, a writer for the series, confirmed via social media that they took over Times Square to shoot this beautiful scene; rather than making use of SFX.

This is not only brilliant, but it sets the standard for what fans can expect throughout the rest of the season. A standard that screams, it is only going to get better from here. Roll on next Sunday!

Did you watch the Season 2 premiere of God Friended Me? What did you think of the Times Square moment? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.

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