Good Girls: Has NBC canceled or renewed the series?

Good Girls Season 3 came to an abrupt end thanks to the coronavirus. Will the show get a chance to answer questions? NBC has decided its fate.

Thanks to the coronavirus, Good Girls had to wrap Season 3 early. It’s not as epic an ending as Episode 16 was going to be, but Episode 11 does work. And now we’re excited for things to come.

Will we get the answers to the many questions that we have? NBC has made a decision on the fate of Good Girls, and we have some great news.

Good Girls Season 4 is happening

NBC has decided to grant the female-led comedy another season. That means the five episodes that were planned can still happen. Will they happen as they were going to? That’s unclear.

Usually, a season offers a jumping off point for a time jump into the next season. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, it doesn’t look like that was going to happen this time. Instead, the story was mostly going to continue, which does suggest that the five episodes that weren’t filmed/aired could be used for Good Girls Season 4.

It turns out the final five episodes were going to push the show into a new direction. That’s a possibility now that NBC has renewed it.

Good Girls: Season One

Will this be the last season?

All good things have to come to an end. We know that deep down. Good Girls is great, but the live ratings haven’t been all that solid. There is the fear that the show will be canceled without warning. That leaves a lot of open questions that we’ll never get the answer to.

This is a show that needs to wrap up properly. The writers need the time to finish a story. There’s a chance for that to happen. Could NBC make it clear that this is the final season to allow the writers the time?

There are certainly plenty of questions right now. One of those is when Good Girls Season 4 will premiere. That’s a wait and see, but probably summer 2021.

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What do you think about Good Girls? Will this be the last season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Good Girls Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Netflix. Season 3 is on Hulu.