Good Girls Season 4, Episode 2 spoilers: Who is the big client?

Dean gets an offer from a potential client on Good Girls Season 4, Episode 2. Can the Bolands trust the guy?

Picking up off the back of the abrupt ending to Good Girls Season 3, we found out the FBI is getting closer. However, nobody is listening fully to Agent Donnegan. She knows that it’s a woman involved, but the men on the team aren’t listening to that.

They’re after Dean, and it’s not surprising that they’re going to attempt to trip him up by posing as a potentially big client.

Naturally, Dean wants to make a deal. Beth is the one that isn’t too certain about it. She’s getting good at trusting her gut when it comes to situations, especially knowing that the FBI is going to start closing in soon.

Will the hitman kill Rio on Good Girls Season 4, Episode 2?

While there’s a situation at Boland Bubbles, the women need to deal with another situation: Rio. Beth has him cornered for now, but it won’t be long until he figures a way out of his situation. That will end up with him threatening her family in some sort of way.

Beth needs the hitman to do his job. She asked him to move her up the list of clients in the most recent episode, and maybe he will, for a price. This is a guy who wants far more than a business relationship with Beth.

Is that something that will happen during the upcoming episode? It certainly looks like it could, but is the show really going to write out Rio already? I don’t think it would work without Rio constantly there.

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Good Girls Season 4 airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC.