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Gossip Girl will return in November 2021

Gossip Girl is going on a short break on HBO Max after just six episodes. There isn’t long to wait for it to return.

Well, Upper East Siders! What a way to end a midseason finale!

Kate and others will certainly love to get her hands on the juicy news from the midseason finale. Zobie isn’t going to last for long with everything that happened between Julian and Obie! Nobel O isn’t so noble anymore.

However, there is some bad news with the major developments. The episode was the midseason finale, and now we’re waiting a while for the remaining episodes to air. The wait isn’t as long as we thought, though.

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When will Gossip Girl return?

The new episodes will return in the fall. Just after releasing Episode 6 on the streaming platform, HBO Max announced that Episode 7 would air in November 2021.

We don’t have an exact date just yet. That’s okay; there’s still a bit of time before November. We can wait! Just knowing that we’re getting it before the new year is amazing in itself.

There were some major developments during the midseason finale, and not just for Zobie/Jobie. There was a threesome, the threat of Rafe’s actions with students getting out, and Kate is getting closer to Nick.

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What do you hope to see on Gossip Girl when it returns? How long before Obie’s actions get out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Gossip Girl is available to stream on HBO Max.