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When will Greg return in CSI: Vegas Season 2?

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Greg Sanders is returning to the Crime Lab in CSI: Vegas Season 2. When will Eric Szmanda’s return air on CBS?

There was some great news recently in that Greg would be back at the Crime Lab. Szmanda is returning to the series, although it’s not clear on the number of episodes. We finally have a date of return, as well as a little bit of backstory on why he’s coming back.

TVLine got the scoop, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

When will Eric Szmanda return in CSI: Vegas Season 2?

Get ready for the episode later this month. After taking two weeks off for March Madness, CSI: Vegas will return on March 30, and it will be with Greg coming back.

What brings him back? Well, it’s not a case. Instead, Greg is struggling with what to do with his future, and he needs a little bit of advice. Why not turn to Catherine Willows, who has always been there to help him in the past?

I wish we could see him turn to Gil, too. I’ll always remember Grissom making it clear that Greg would take a pay cut to go from the lab to a CSI field agent, but Greg didn’t care about that part. That was the moment was all knew Greg was going to make a great crime scene investigator.

TVLine says that he’ll turn to “wise women” in his life. Who could the others be? Will we see Sara return for the episode? Does he know Maxine?

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What do you hope to see for Greg in the coming episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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