Grey’s Anatomy: Did the board make the right decision?

The storyline surrounding Meredith Grey and her medical license came to an end in Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Episode 8. Did the board make the right decision?

Caution: There are spoilers from Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Episode 8 in this post.

Throughout Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, there’s been one big question. Would Meredith Grey lose her license? A decision was made in Episode 8, but was it the right one?

Considering it’s a TV show with her as the titular character, it was clear that it couldn’t go that way, right? In the end, the board decided to recommend that the trial against Meredith be stopped, that she get to keep her medical license after all.

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Did the board make the right decision?

It was an excellent moment seeing Meredith’s former patients walk into the hearing to fight for their doctor. Even Bailey admitting that while Meredith breaks the law she’s still an excellent surgeon was a beautiful touch. But was the decision to recommend Meredith keeps her license the right one?

Arguably, no. Meredith has broken the law a few times. Yes, it’s for her patients, but she’s still broken the law. Is it okay for someone as talented as Meredith to break the law but others don’t get away with it? Remember when it was Alex Karev running the risk of losing his license? That only didn’t happen because DeLuca dropped the charges. It took a realistic storyline to see Karev keep his ability to continue to practice medicine.

Meredith seems to get away with a lot of things. I love the character and I love Grey’s Anatomy, but sometimes it’s not all that realistic. C’mon, Izzie got away with cutting the LVAD wire as an intern! There have been some ridiculous storylines that you have to completely suspend belief when it comes to the doctors keeping their jobs.

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Should Meredith get her old job back on Grey’s Anatomy?

At the very end, Bailey offered Meredith her job back. This was more surprising than the board decision in this episode of Grey’s Anatomy. After all, it was clear as a TV show that Meredith had to get away with what she did!

I would have preferred Meredith to walk away and work at Pacific North with Karev and Webber. Bailey fired her and then acted absolutely awful towards Meredith. Bailey has made some highly questionable decisions in the past (the HIV bubble kid?) and got the backing of many of the doctors at the time. Yet, when it comes to Meredith committing insurance fraud to save a patient, Bailey couldn’t have her back!

There’s just too much that has happened. Sure, Meredith being back will create some excellent conflict now that she and DeLuca have (possibly permanently) broken up, but it’s still not going to be easy for everyone else. At least, it shouldn’t be.

Plus, one of my favorite things about the show recently has been Meredith and Karev’s friendship developing. They’ve made each other better people, and I would love to see them still working together. Maybe that will come.

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What did you think of the board decision? What are your theories for the next episodes of Grey’s Anatomy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.