Grey’s Anatomy: Owen’s anger towards Amelia was perfectly understandable

Owen spent much of Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Episode 7 angry at Amelia. It really isn’t that surprising when you consider every aspect of the story.

During Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Episode 7, Amelia told Owen that she’s pregnant. Naturally, Owen was angry about it. And yes, I say naturally. You see, I completely understand why Owen felt the way he did.

In fact, as you get through the episode, you realize that Amelia understands, too. At first, she couldn’t quite get it, but then Owen was able to explain why he was so upset with the situation. By the end, both characters found common ground and managed to find some sense of happiness or acceptance with the situation.

It’s not surprising that Owen was so angry about the situation. Fortunately, the writers delivered his reasons throughout. Even without the writers explaining it, I could still see Owen’s side of the argument.


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Amelia said she didn’t want children

When Owen and Amelia were together, she made it clear that she didn’t want children. I got that. She was scared after everything that happened with Christopher. While there was a slim chance that it would happen again, that fear was there. In a way, there was an element of PTSD.

Owen should have understood that, but the two had rushed into their marriage and didn’t even consider a discussion about children. It wasn’t all that surprising that the two end their relationship because of their fundamental differences over children.

And considering all that, is it really all that surprising that Owen was angry at Amelia’s current situation. It wasn’t that she is pregnant but how she told him. She’s clearly happy about the pregnancy, so naturally, Owen had to wonder whether Amelia had lied about not wanting children.

Was it that Amelia didn’t want children at all? Maybe it was that Amelia didn’t want children with him. Maybe this was her way out of their relationship.

Owen has never been one to talk about his feelings. It was hard for him to process his thoughts, and he had a trauma to deal with at the hospital before he could. Why is it surprising that Owen was angry before he could accept anything?

Amelia should have thought first

While I don’t blame the victim, in this case, Amelia should have thought about the right way to tell Owen about her pregnancy first. She jumped straight into it, happy about the situation. Granted, she’s had weeks to become happy and confident about the pregnancy, but this is big news to Owen.

At the end of Grey’s Anatomy, she admits that she didn’t think about everything. She admits that she never even considered the way Owen would take the news. She never even considered what Owen would think before she managed to explain the whole situation.

In the end, Amelia admitted that, at first, she wasn’t happy about the pregnancy. She was scared and considered an abortion. Then something changed.

It was clear that had Amelia accidentally ended up pregnant with Owen’s baby, she would have gone through something similar. Granted, Owen wouldn’t have delivered the same speech as Link, offering to be there for the abortion right away, but Amelia would have gone through her journey herself. Maybe it would have taken longer, but she would have still considered all her options. She would have considered whether to keep the baby or not.

It’s no wonder that Owen was angry at first. One of the things the Grey’s Anatomy writers allowed was for him to grow and understand. He’s at a place where he can accept the pregnancy and the situation.

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What did you think of Owen’s reaction to Amelia’s pregnancy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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