Will Hanna be renewed for a third season by Amazon Prime Video?

After a strong second season, all eyes are on the future of Hanna on Amazon Prime Video. Will Hanna Season 3 happen on Amazon?

We’re currently looking at the future of a number of TV shows. So many great offerings dropped on streaming services last weekend. For Amazon Prime Video, it’s all about the future of Hanna. Will Hanna Season 3 happen?

The second season dropped on Friday, July 3. The second season can often be the weakest of the lot, especially after such a strong start. However, Amazon didn’t disappoint with Season 2, especially with the development of Utrax.

So, what about the future? Is there a chance Amazon will renew Hanna for a third season? Does it need to happen?

Hanna Season 3 is a must

There’s no doubt that the show has shown its strength. After initially telling a story of one woman on the hunt for a girl, the second season developed the world. We saw more of Utrax and the development of these young girls and what they’re going to be used for.

This was a chance to see how different girls would develop in this system, with most of them willing to believe everything they’ve been told. However, there are plenty of questions about what makes Clara so different when she was raised the exact same way as the other girls.

With the way the third season ended, a third season is a must. Without giving away too many spoilers, this show has an open end. There’s plenty of hope in the future. While we could take a guess at how things will go, it would be better to see how the story continues.


When will we find out about the third season?

It took just 10 days for Amazon to renew Hanna for a second season after dropping the first. Could we expect the the third season to be confirmed within the same amount of time?

Amazon has never really offered a set time for making renewal decisions. Upload Season 2 was confirmed a week after the first season dropped, while Bosch Season 7 was confirmed ahead of the Season 6 release. We’ve seen many shows renewed ahead of time, but there have been times we’ve waited a month or so for other news. It’s hard to say when we’ll hear about Hanna Season 3 happening or not.

With any hope, it won’t take too long. Amazon will look at the number of people who binge-watched over the weekend. If the numbers were good, then we’re looking at a third season.

Just keep in mind that good shows have been canceled after two or three seasons. We’ve said goodbye to the likes of The TickPatriot, and Sneaky Pete in recent years.

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What did you think of Hanna Season 2? Would you like to see Hanna Season 3 happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Hanna is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.